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FLUTE XXI – Just released

Roberto Fabbriciani – FLUTE XXI CD Compilation, Tactus, TC980090, Italy, 2020

CD 1 – track 3 : Paolo Cavallone, Hóros – for flute and ensemble

interpreters:  Roberto Fabbriciani soloist,  Stroma ensemble, Hamish McKeich conductor (Recorded by Radio New Zealand – 2012)

“…This double album is a tribute of the contemporary music world to Roberto Fabbriciani, one of the most important musicians of our time, who has been the undisputed pioneer of avant-garde and experimental music in the last decades. A sort of standing ovation in the form of music dedicated to him by some great composers of our century, and this album finally is a significant reference…” (Tactus)

FLUTE XXI tactus

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