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``Paolo Cavallone est un compositeur majeur de la musique d’aujourd’hui. La diversité de son écriture est marquée par une quête de l’ouverture des possibles...``
``...This music... represents an official warning for this narrow-minded time...``
Dino Villatico
review - Hóros, La Repubblica
``...an enlightening worldview: a new aestethics and approach to the music material... a very high level of vocal and instrumental writing...``
Azio Corghi
``En coup de foudre is a wonderful piece``
Ennio Morricone
``...Hóros... a new CD by Paolo Cavallone... one of the top Italian composers... a remarkable work both musically and of very high poetry as well...``
Renzo Cresti
``Hóros, poetica di un attraversamento verticale nella musica di Paolo Cavallone``, Musicalnews
``I believe this openness in the aesthetic of Paolo Cavallone is truly his new, not to say revolutionary, compositional/musical imprint within a post avant-garde standardization that occurred in the years in which he started working, and in which he still continues to operate with great merit. I believe that getting rid of the stnadardization, of this parameter, showing instead that each parameter is created by and fruitful of other parameters... this is the extraordinary merit as well as the great perspective of Paolo Cavallone's aesthetic. I would say that the openness to chich Paolo leads us, hte openness of sense, the openness of willingness, is not only a compositional message, but also and ethical meassage, not to call it political. The dimension of this musical politic, of this aesthetic and musical ethic, is necessarily an internaional dimension...``
Carlo Boschi
musicologist - from ``Ritratto di un compositore``, documentary, RAI TRADE, 2009
“Paolo Cavallone is …a major composer of today's music scene...``
``One of the most interesting talents in the contemporary music scene``
Rondo (2008)
“…Hóros is an extraordinary piece of music…: it has echoes and memories of Chopin. This concert is dedicated to me… and I am very grateful…”
Roberto Fabbriciani
on Radio New Zealand, “Upbeat”
“…a world premiere (Paolo Cavallone – Hóros)… written this year for Fabbriciani and the Stroma ensemble… This work was practically a flute concerto… we actually heard a recording of the Chopin (Prelude n. 4), played in the darkness immediately after the reading of a poem by Cavallone… From the darkness of this extremely theatrical opening came light and the sounds of instruments being activated by breath and bow, and developing a rich spectrum of colour and texture. Confrontations and re-inventings followed, the solo flute playing Mercutio to the ensemble’s Romeo, leading and teasing, light-fingeredly suggestive and gently mocking, the music opening and narrowing spaces between lines and timbres… Over the last few pages the composer took us to different realms, the ensemble “reinventing” the ambient space of the opening, and making peace with the soloist…”
Peter Mechen
Middle C, Classical Music Reviews (New Zealand)
“…A refined composer and a virtuoso pianist…”
Il Messaggero
“… The pieces included in the CD Confini represent authentic jewels of contemporary chamber music…”
Italia Oggi
“…in Confini, the various configurations of the musical gesture form panoramas which stimulates both the ear and the visual perception…”
“Polimorfie is a gem…”
Maria Luisa Runti, “Informatrieste” (Italy)
“…a deep technical awareness… a research of an image, a sound, an emotion…”
Federica Nardacci
Nuove Tendenze
“…A fascinating and complex language, in which the listener follows an inner path, at times dark and mysterious but always charming. Cavallone retains the twentieth century classical music experience, with hints of light jazz and blues, while dismantling the forms. The excellent score…of «Illusioni» for piano solo were composed between the age of eight and twelve, confirming a real precocious talent…”
Paolo Ansali
“In the 20th century, the history of making music… including both traditional composition and a musical thought we could call “intrasonic:” not only – and sometimes not anymore – composing the sounds, but composing the sound, in its physical internal structures and in its projection in time… With the new generations of composers, it seems that… composing sound and composing sounds place themselves in a creative space that is possible to freely explore… The String quartet “Contrasto” (1999) is a central piece in his production… It features the possibility of crossing different phases of composition, in which the sound can be composed in its inner complexity, or rather – as Giacinto Scelsi defined it – “spherical,” digging inside sound, timbre and dynamic, in its micro-interval, in its spatial and temporal projections. Then it is possible to compose the sounds, with thematic, cellular, and “figural” relationships, … the least interval, the half-tone, one of the border – in the traditional system – between the sound like itself and the sound other than itself, can be the “germinal gesture” of other intervals, the texture or rather of the entire form. ‘We project the metaphor of a course to its organization…’ The author is working on an ample piece for orchestra… the title, “Porte” `{`Italian for “doors”`}` is again expressive of a “crossing poetic”… ‘The various points of view, from different angles – the necessary and abstract doors – of the unique inner and musical gesture’…”
Alessandro Mastropietro
Suono Sonda
“…Paolo Cavallone’s music knows no boundaries…”
Il Velino
Italian National Press Agency
“…Paolo Cavallone is a musician that is as much at home on his instrument as he is in compositional practice. It is a coherence of craftsmanships that, in my opinion, is important even in contemporary and modern phenomena. I find in his music those precious linguistic details that in some way define an uninterrupted line from the Middle Ages to the present through the great authors.”
Francesco Zimei
Portrait of a composer, documentary (Rai Trade, 2009)
“… I strongly admire the brightness of his ideas, the formal rigour, the sophisticated aestethics and timbre perception. Maestro Paolo Cavallone deserves the highest consideration.”
Sergio Calligaris
(Composer and pianist)
‘’...His music is exceptional in its moments of humor and pathos. One has a strong sense of a complex person observing the world keenly. ...a complex and enlightened worldview…. I would be privileged to have him as a colleague.’’
Lewis Spratlan, Composer
Pultizer Prize (USA)